Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Rely on Dependable Bulk Food Storage Containers

Whether it is the home kitchen or restaurant kitchen the food storage containers come really handy. They are items that kitchen makers would love to have in their kitchen and very much useful for storing and prepping food. Bulk food storage containers are something that restaurant and food business owners cannot do without. All homes, commercial restaurant kitchens, catering services, and bakeries need to seal tight containers to preserve and store the food items properly.

You can find a variety of container made materials like plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and others. But out of all the above mentioned, the plastic containers these days are most preferred over the others. The plastic containers these days are made of good quality plastic and biodegradable plastics that are inert in nature and are not vulnerable to rusting or any kind of reaction with the food content in them. Moreover, the containers come in lots of designs and variety of styles, colors and sizes thus meeting the individual needs. The best part is, you can easily find a large selection of such food storage containers that are made of plastic and materials that are perfect for preserving food and food items on the net.

bulk food storage containers

Every day new products are being added in the market and if searching is in order, you can find them at wholesale rates. The plastic containers are without a doubt cheap in cost but getting them in bulk will help you get more discounts at some stores via online. These products are not only high in quality but they are usually also environmentally safe.

While you buy food storage containers always look for products that are microwave and dishwasher safe. That is the microwave or dishwasher won't have any effect on them. Such food containers can be used in various ways and thus they make good storage containers at home as well as a restaurant kitchen. You would love to discover the advantage of such good quality containers to store a variety of food items in them. They have some kind of freshness, easy to open and user-friendly containers that enhance the operational and functionalities of the containers.

When you shop for food storage containers keep in mind the following few tips:

·         Always buy food containers of good size and capacity to store a large number of foods and items especially if you own a restaurant. For home kitchen, medium size containers should be sufficient.

·         You can use the internet to shop for containers to find competitive prices. There are a large number of stores across the internet making it convenient for you to compare the price and product range and brands of food containers.

·         Online shopping also helps you find good quality containers in less time.

·         Through bulk buying, it is possible to acquire additional promotional discounts.

·         Last but not the least you should try to get containers that will fit your needs. You will come across a wide selection of containers, but you, of course, don't need them all. Go for the specific size and quality you need.

Food Storage Calculators - The Pros and Cons 

Global food crisis: Unless you have been on an extended camping trip for the past year you probably know that we are currently experiencing a global food crisis and that we are already seeing the effects of inflation in our country which will eventually lead to extremely high food prices. With this information comes a choice that we all have to make. We either do something to prepare or we do nothing and hope it goes away. I don't know about you but to me, it just makes sense to start implementing a long-term food storage plan now so we can lock in the current food prices and be prepared in case of an emergency.

How long could you survive? Just think about it, how long could you and your family survive on the supplies you keep in your home right now? What if the price of fuel skyrockets and truckers are not able to afford the gas to get the food to the stores and the store shelves get picked clean in a day or two? How long could you make it? A week... maybe two? Have you recently looked at your grocery list and thought "oh good, this shouldn't cost much because there are only a few items on my list" and then you get to the checkout counter and you find that your small list is costing you what your large list used to cost?

The pros of using a food storage calculator: Let's say that you are ready to start putting together your long-term food storage, where do you start? Well, you could type in a search for "food storage calculator" and you would find some information on how many pounds of rice and beans and other supplies you will need. This is very helpful, but now you will need to know how to store it so it will last.

The cons of using a food storage calculator: A food storage calculator is just that, just a calculator. Once you determine what supplies you need, you will have to purchase containers specifically designed to store the food and keep it dry. These are usually sold in bulk and can be quite costly. This is starting to look like a full-time job! Is there another option?

An easier option: Don't you wish there were a way to have delicious meals that could be stored easily and last more than a few years? I'm not talking about Ramen noodles, I'm talking about healthy, gourmet meals that can be stored for 15+ years, that are also good enough to eat on camping trips and great for easy meals at home. The good news is that there is a company that offers exactly that. So before you turn your life upside down looking at food storage calculators and buying expensive bulk food and storage containers, you need to take a look at the website below that will tell you how to join our exciting team. Once you sign up for more information we will give you details on how to try our food for free and how to get PAID to share it with others.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

5 Reasons to Use Raised Dog Bowls

Raised dog bowls are the great invention. Like many other areas of having a large dog, here's something they need specially designed for them. 

Here are 5 reasons why dog raised bowl is so good for big dogs and their owners.

1. It's more comfortable

Have you ever seen your dog lie down in front of the bowl to eat? When a food or water bowl is at their normal head height, it's easier for them to swallow. Can you imagine having to drink with your head bent down all the time? Being at the same height as the bowl is simply more comfortable for your buddy. Also, large dogs are more likely to get arthritis. For those dogs, the raised feeders are easier on the joints and spine. They stand straighter, which eases the stress on the joints while eating.

2. Reduce air intake

When a dog has to maneuver to get food in its mouth and to swallow, a lot of air gets swallowed alongside the food. Swallowing air along with the food causes dogs to get gas - especially large breeds. We have noticed a significant reduction in our mutt's special surprises since she started using the elevated bowl. Too much air intake can lead to bloat, a medical problem that many experts and vets say can be reduced by using raised dog feeders. It may not be appropriate for all dogs (such as deep-chested breeds) so consult your vet if you have questions.

3. Make sure your dog has plenty to eat and drink

Having access to clean, fresh water at all times is very important for large canines. Raised dog bowls have large bowls. This means your dog has plenty of water at all times, even if you're at work all day.

4. Convenient for you

It can be hard on a human's back to be bending over to fill your dog's bowl daily. With a raised dog feeder, you can fill the bowl without doing as much bending. It saves Fido's back, and yours.

5. Reduce mess

If your dog is one that leaves a trail like a hurricane behind him after he eats, a raised dog feeder might help. Because the food is at your dog's natural height, he doesn't have to move around so much as he eats. When he eats just above his bowl most of the crumbs fall right back into the bowl. Same with a large raised water bowl - larger bowls catch more of the drool. Your floors will have a lot less soggy food crumbs this way.